Nintendo is bringing one of its more obscure franchises to the 3DS, and it comes with some of the content from one of the Game Boy Advance’s best games.

Rhythm Heaven: Megamix is due out for 3DS later this year in the West. It is a localized version of the game that Nintendo released in Japan in June. This franchise has players smashing buttons along to music in a series of wacky minigames. We’ve seen entries before on Wii and the DS, but this is the first time the 3DS is getting a Rhythm Heaven in the States. And while the franchise has never done blockbuster numbers outside of Japan, it is well regarded by a dedicated group of fans. The release will also help fill out Nintendo’s 3DS schedule as it shifts to mobile games and the NX hardware over the next year.

Sale of Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS have begun faltering in a major way, which led to the publisher lowering its fiscal outlook for the year. Today, the company held one of its Nintendo Direct livestreaming video events, announcing a number of products coming to those platforms for the rest of the year. But while Rhythm Heaven is a wonderful series, it definitely has the appearance of a game meant to help Nintendo coast into something new and better.

Megamix, which only has a “2016” release date,” features more than 100 minigames. These include the best from throughout the series including the original GBA release from way back in 2016.

Here’s a clip of the Japanese game in action: