Good luck!

In today’s Nintendo Direct, the company revealed that Star Fox: Zero comes out for the Wii U on April 22. The physical version will also come with Star Fox: Guard, a tower-defense style game also for the Wii U. You can also download both games separately as digital releases. Star Fox: Zero is one of the Wii U’s last big games coming for the Wii U. Nintendo is currently working on a new system, the NX, and mobile games. While Star Fox has never been one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, it’s still sold millions of copies.

Star Fox: Zero was originally supposed to come out in November before Nintendo delayed it. This is the first big release in the series since Star Fox: Command, which came out way back in 2006. The original Star Fox came out for the Super Nintendo back in 1993. It was one of the first games from Nintendo to feature 3D polygons.

We went hands-on with the game, so check out our preview.