If you think you’re a good enough gamer that you could win some cash, then you might want to pay attention.

Esports social network Evolve HQ introduced Evolve Arenas today, which will enable players to easily enter tournaments with money on the line. It supports two games, the multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends via its BlackFlag portal and the racecar/soccer hybrid Rocket League via its Rocketeer portal. Evolve HQ currently has over 2 million subscribers. Esports are on pace to reach $1.1 billion in spending by 2019.

“We created Evolve Arenas to remove the significant overhead and intimidation factor that is inherent in bracketed tournaments,” said Adam Sellke, chief executive officer and co-founder of Evolve Labs, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.  “By creating high integrity, low risk competitive arenas like Rocketeer and BlackFlag, we are enabling a huge segment of the esports fanbase to progress from mere spectators into active competitors.”

Evolve noted that it will support more games with Evolve Arenas in the coming months.