How do leading CMOs really drive customer loyalty and boost revenue? Join top marketing minds in the C-suite as they discuss the right KPIs, budget allocation across the customer journey, structuring teams for success, and more.

Increasingly CMOs are expected to be technology authorities, with in-depth knowledge of martech second only to the CIO’s. In the midst of wrangling the overwhelming flood of increasingly sophisticated technology, CMOs can lose sight of the most important piece of the marketing puzzle: the customer relationship.

“It’s not just logos and colors and messages,” says Jeffrey Rohrs, chief marketing officer at Yext. “It’s experiences. One of the biggest mistakes CMOs make is not investing in the types of face-to-face contact that, over the long haul, build that community around your brand.”

And that’s because studies show that, even in the B2B space, these purchases can be a deeply emotional choice. Not only is it investing in an extended relationship, but that person’s job is, in a very real way, on the line in terms of the success of the technology partner they choose.

In fact, says Rohrs, “Do it wrong and everyone’s job is on the line. Some of these purchases, you’re talking about are six-, seven- figure purchases, and if they don’t produce results…..” Well, you know.

So your customer is focused intently on making sure they’re not only spending wisely on a partner that’s got their back in terms of delivering desired functionality and results, but also innovation.

“It’s not about being stagnant,” Rohrs continues. “It’s about continuing to push and evolve. And they want you not just for your technology — they want you for their expertise.” A strong relationship with powerful rapport develops that kind of trust in your ability to help them grow.

“There are a lot of different ways to measure success,” Rohrs says. “But KPIs don’t measure interpersonal success. They don’t measure that trust. They don’t measure the value of experimentation.” Those qualities are built through face-to-face contact, through empathy, and through a real appreciation for what that person is feeling and the stresses that are driving them.

It ultimately comes down to communication. “I think CMOs largely get this,” Rohrs says. “I definitely know that a lot of the folks that report to us don’t.”

Generationally, Rohrs notes, too often marketers haven’t had an understanding of how to develop great face-to-face rapport, how to navigate difficult, contentious conversations, or recognizing when reliance on technology is coming back to bite them.

“If you are a junior marketer or somebody who’s looking to grow in your career,” Rohrs says, “understanding when you need to escalate out of email or out of instant messaging or whatever channel that you’re in and get face-to-face time, or pick up a phone is essential. You have to use all of the tools at your disposal to communicate.”

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  • Jeffrey Rohrs, Chief Marketing Officer, Yext
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  • Ramon Chen, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing & Product Management, Reltio


  • Kevin Bobowski, Chief Marketing Officer, Act-On Software

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