Microsoft pulled the covers off of some holograms that people have made with Actiongram, a tool for creating holographic experiences for the HoloLens augmented reality headset that doesn’t require developers to have a lot of visual effects experience.

Microsoft first made mention of Actiongram last month, and the company’s showing off some of the results of its closed beta. And as we saw today, they’re pretty wild.

If building these videos is as easy as Microsoft is making it appear to be, this is one more element that will make HoloLens an enticing to application developers and, of course, consumers of media and games.

Just see for yourself. An astronaut floats over a bubble bath that sort of looks like a moon.

And a UFO flies near a dog, almost as if the mutt is about to get abducted.

Here tough-looking guy fights a thumb.

A tiny old lady flies on a zipline in the middle of a studio where some people are working.

A mime walks on the mantel above the fireplace while a man walks on a couch, and suddenly, the cat nearby gets a holographic grenade launcher.


More information on Actiongram is here.