World War II … World War II never changes.

Except in Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Interactive is making it easier to be a member of the general staff, not a lieutenant general in the field, when it comes out June 6 — D-Day — for PC, Mac, and Linux.

“Our bread-and-butter is historical strategy, what we relied upon for all of our history,” said Johann Andersson, Paradox’s EVP of creative direction and a designer for Hearts of Iron since it debuted in 2002. “What we want is complex, but not complicated.

“We’re simulating World War II on a scope that’s never been done before.”

Hearts of Iron IV cuts down on micromanagement, making it easier to guide your armies and set your battle fronts, letting you plot your battleplans ahead of your march of war. You can even draw the flow of where you want your armies to march, making it easier to plan your attack and assign divisions and other units to your offensive.