Take-Two Interactive’s 2K label has unveiled the launch of WWE SuperTokens in GameStop stores. The tokens are the latest way to blend physical objects and digital games in a way that could generate more sales for game companies.

The SuperTokens are coin-like objects that can connect via a near-field communications (NFC) connection to an Android device. The tokens provide in-game content for 2K’s popular mobile card-battle game, WWE SuperCard. The devices continue a trend of blending toys and digital games that started with Skylanders in 2011.

Offered as a limited edition, WWE SuperToken delivers a lineup of WWE talent through 10 collectible tokens, including WWE Superstars John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose, as well as WWE Diva Paige. Each collectible token, available for $7, yields three cards in WWE SuperCard. The cards include one Ultra Rare card featuring the likeness of the featured WWE Superstar or Diva and two Rare mystery cards.

The tokens can then be shared up to three times, giving others access to a Super Rare card of the featured WWE Superstar or Diva. In addition, each token will have a unique distribution quantity, making some offerings rarer in nature than others.

“Since its launch in August 2014, WWE SuperCard has become the biggest mobile video game in WWE and 2K history, captivating fans with its breadth of collectible cards, as well as variety of quick play and team-based action,” said Chris Snyder, the vice president of marketing at 2K, in a statement. “Our new partnership with GameStop to deliver limited edition content through WWE SuperToken presents exciting opportunities to extend the mobile gameplay experience through a retail platform and reach an even larger audience.”

The tokens are the brainchild of Jason Chein’s Seattle startup Bit Toys in Seattle. WWE SuperCard was made by Cat Daddy Games and Visual Concepts, two studios owned by 2K.