The Apple Watch just got cheaper.

Today Apple announced that its smartwatch now starts at $299 — down from $349. The price cut may help make the iPhone accessory easier to swallow for budget-conscious Apple fans.

In addition to the new price, Apple also released watchOS 2.2 and announced a handful of new band designs, including the retro-looking nylon straps pictured above, new pale Sport band colors, and a pricier black Milanese loop strap.

Here’s a closer look at the new styles.

So how well is the Apple Watch doing? In January, Apple announced that it “set a new quarterly record for Apple Watch sales.” However, this statement doesn’t mean all that much: Apple’s first quarter includes holidays, a crucial time for Apple sales in general, and this was the first holiday season for Apple’s smartwatch.

Apple last updated the Watch in September with the release of watchOS 2. At the time, the company also launched a rose gold design for the Watch and new bands, including one from the French fashion brand Hermès.