Despite the denizens of the Web coming together yesterday to crack the case, we probably still have no clue what the controller for Nintendo’s mysterious NX console looks like.

A few days OK, Reddit user Idriss2Dev posted an image of what he claimed was the controller for Nintendo’s upcoming console. In that same thread, he has now posted a video where he shows that he created the controller using 3D rendering software. It was a hoax. Of course, someone separately posted much clearer pictures of a black NX controller … but now those are even more in question than they were before.

For now, why don’t you enjoy Idriss2Dev’s victory-lap video where he goes all Nelson from The Simpsons on everyone who fell for his joke. He even shows how he rendered the controller using the software.

Check it out:

Idriss2Dev fooled a whole bunch of people with his image because it was well done but also because Nintendo fans are starving for news about the NX. The publisher promised to start talking about the console this year, but it hasn’t said a single word about it so far.

Gamers are starting to get antsy because the Wii U has fallen behind its Microsoft and Sony competition in terms of graphical capabilities and features. Fans of Mario and Zelda want to see how Nintendo responds, and the controller is a big part of that.

But it seems like we’ll have to keep on waiting for Nintendo to fully announce the system, or anyone who knows what’s really happening could just tell me. My email address is