Prepare to become a Music Meister.

Kasedo Games, strategy-game publisher Kalypso’s indie-game imprint, is blending music, rhythm, and role-playing together with The Metronomicon (gee, I wonder what that wordplay’s about). Kasedo’s working with Puuba, the Encino, California-based studio that’s behind The Weaponographist and Concursion. This is all part of Kalypso’s initiative to get beyond its strategy portfolio by selling smaller games on digital stores such as Steam in the $99.3 billion global gaming market (as market research firm Newzoo reports).

A new take on "Jumping the Shark" here.

Above: A new take on “Jumping the Shark” here.

Image Credit: Kasedo Games

Your eight heroes use music to fight their foes. You control four at a time, switching musical tracks between them. These tracks activate their powers — spells, buffs, and other abilities. You’ll need to time your moves to the music. The RPG elements include party building, improving stats, and finding better equipment.

Kalypso started Kasedo in 2014, but its latest push with the label is an effort that started this year.