Music fans received a special treat today when Google announced it had turned its Street View tour of Abbey Road into a virtual reality app.

Android users can download the app to use with Google Cardboard, the company’s VR kit. The company says an iOS version is coming soon.

Google had previously created a multi-media tour of Abbey Road, the place where bands such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd did their thing. The company says more than 2 million people have taken that tour.

The VR app will allow people to roam freely throughout the studios while listening to a tour narrated by Giles Martin, son of the late Beatles producer George Martin.

Says Google:

“After the tour, you can quite literally move around the studios at your leisure to see hidden treasures like Studio 3’s Mirrored Drum Room, where the mirrors help to create a close, bright and loud sound quality. Uncover one of Abbey Road’s Mastering Suites, where a record gets its finishing touches before a release. In Studio 1, experience what it’s like to be in a recording session with the London Symphony Orchestra with surround sound.”