Nintendo just released the social-networking Miitomo app, and gamers have already flooded it with crap.

Earlier this morning, Miitomo hit the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play around the world (we like it!), and a ton of people have rushed to install it. It is now the No. 1 most downloaded app on iPhone and iPad, according to market-tracking firm Sensor Tower. With that kind of popularity and the powerful tools that enable users to make their own pictures and say whatever they want, it shouldn’t shock you to learn that a lot of the user-generated content is … bawdy. And that has led to the creation of a new Twitter account called MiitomoHell that has stepped up to start highlighting these atrocities.

Nintendo is, of course, attempting to use Miitomo to launch its future efforts on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets generate $34.8 billion in spending annually. But Nintendo may also risk losing some of its wholesome family appeal if people begin associating it with this picture of Donald Trump in a skintight blue bodysuit like the character Samus from Metroid:

Now, Nintendo is not completely unfamiliar with social networks. It has the Miiverse on the Wii U, 3DS, and the Web, which is kinda like a simple version of Facebook where only the games have profile pages. The company heavily moderated that community, and we’ve reached out to ask how it is approaching that with Miiverse.

But, in the meantime, we’ve perused MiitomoHell’s posts and gathered up some of the worst for posterity. It’s what you would expect from a social network made up of human beings: rambling uncle-at-thanksgiving-dinner politics, existential dread, and sex. Go ahead and check it out for yourself:


Existential dread

Sexual content