Think of it as a free crash course from top experts who can make sense of the sometimes incomprehensible. We’ve taken the complexities of mobile app acquisition and monetization — from the best tools to the best practices — and broken it down into a 6-part webinar series hosted by VB’s senior analyst of marketing mobile tech, Stewart Rogers. 

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A mobile app is nothing without users to sustain it. There are millions of apps flooding iOS and Google Play, and little installation space for consumers to download every single one on their smartphone. Not to mention those users will already have big-name apps like Facebook, YouTube, Candy Crush, and more reserved for their phones, diminishing your mobile app presence even further. This is what first-time and longtime publishers must face, when taking up the challenge of acquiring mobile users for their app.

With more competition on the market, loyal user acquisition prices have skyrocket to $3.50 per app user, according to Fiksu. Fiksu also notes a majority of smartphone users will only spend their time in a small number of apps, so it’s important to know who you’re targeting for advertising.

There’s no denying securing loyal mobile users in such a crowded market has gotten more difficult over the years, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It all comes down to knowing what sinks or swims in executing an effective user acquisition and engagement strategy and finding the right platform to get you there. How effective are celebrity endorsements when it comes to reaching users with high LTV? And is it worth it to sign up with user acquisition pros when your business is relatively small?

We’ve covered this subject thoroughly in our VB Insight report, Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users for less money — but having direct access to VB’s analyst is irreplaceable.

And because the topic covers so much, we’ve broken it down into a six-part webinar series on mobile users, covering a lot of ground on the topic in an dead simple easy-to -digest fashion.

The series will cover the following topics many companies — big and small — still struggle with today:

  1. Understanding acquisition
  2. Acquisition tactics
  3. Acquisition strategies
  4. Understanding monetization
  5. Monetization tactics
  6. Monetization strategies

Knowing how to acquire the right kind of users for your app is only step one of the process. After they’ve installed your app, you need to do everything you can to keep them there. Flashy ads don’t work on the average tech-savvy consumer; you need to understand what made them engaged with your app in the first place and how to expand on that. Different acquisition tactics work for different customers, so it’s important to consider what fits your M.O. And depending on how large or small your business may be, devising a suitable acquisition strategy will ensure results in the most cost-effective way possible. Aiming too high or spending too much with little to show for it will only hurt you bottom line.

Once you’ve got your mobile audience locked in, it’s time to work on monetization. How will you charging your mobile users? Advertising? Micro-transactions? Or maybe even a subscription service? Whatever method you choose, it has to be appropriate to your user base, or they’ll simply wave goodbye. Nailing down the monetization tactics will determine how profitable your app will be in the long run.

Furthermore, you’ll need to work out strategies based on the performance of your monetizations. Maybe a certain demographic of users responded really well towards an in-app purchase, or maybe they’ll hate it. You gotta act accordingly towards these users’ reactions if you want them to spend money again.

Our panel will be filled with important figures in the mobile world, offering their insight of finding and acquiring the best mobile users for your app.

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In this first webinar in the series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the right users at the right time using data and analytics
  • Build a loyal and engaged audience for your mobile content
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to acquisition
  • How to find the right combination of clever, pithy, and simple messaging to acquire quality users


Stewart Rogers, VentureBeat Analyst


Wendy Schuchart, VentureBeat Moderator

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