New is good, and free is better.

Ubisoft announced that Incursion is available now for The Division on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new content is free and adds new items, missions, and features. While a publisher can’t make direct money by giving away an update of this size for free, it can keep a player base engaged, which is especially important for an online title like The Division. Engaged users are less likely to move to a different game. Ubisoft notes that The Division is the industry’s best-selling new game franchise to date. It made over $330 million globally in its first five days. Incursion is the first of two planned free updates. Incursion is the first of two planned free updates.

The Division take place in a largely abandoned New York that has been ruined by a disease. You and other players are Division agents tasked with restoring order to the city. You can check out our impressions here.

Incursion also enables players to trade items with other members of their group. It also adds gear scores (a popular feature from other online games) so that players can easily see how strong others are. Incursion also includes new missions, including Falcon Lost, which is designed for Squad Play.