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Stefania Pomponi, founder, president and chief evangelist of the award-winning influencer marketing agency Clever Girls Collective, has been in the social media business for a long time.

“We started a little over seven years ago, at a time when a lot of social media gurus were saying, ‘I’ll never pay for social media, you can’t measure ROI in social media activity,’” she says. “All of which is bull.”

After Pomponi’s brainchild, the viral #Batkid phenomenon, netted close to 600,000 tweets and 1.7 billion Twitter impressions over two days, the company was finally able to say, This is the power of what we do.

“We’re focused on the behavior of sharing,” says Pomponi, “which is what makes social influence marketing so powerful.”

Influencer marketing is often thought as brand awareness — and that awareness lingers with a potential consumer for a long time after the campaign ends, for weeks to months later, if an influencer is targeting her consumer correctly and the brand is targeting the influencer correctly.

“There’s a lot of research to support that influencers are powerful, trusted recommenders,” Pomponi says. “The metrics and data definitely prove that what we do can be successful. We’ve guaranteed our results for years — even before other agencies have talked about guaranteeing results.”

The company is metrics-driven, collecting an exhaustive number of engagement stats, including tweets, retweets, repins, shares, and comments, and other qualitative data from the influencer, including the reason why the influencer has a love for the brand or campaign.

“But we also look at things like brand sentiment, and how do you measure that? Purchase intent — can you measure that?” Pomponi says. “Never satisfied, always hungry — that describes our attitude toward metrics and data.”

And over the years they’ve expanded their metrics and reach to try to measure social activity further and further down the sales funnel. “We want to really see the impact on sales,” Pomponi continues, “because at the end of the day, that’s how the brand is going to be measuring success.”

A company can’t start from zero, Pomponi warns. In other words, you can’t expect to go from being unknown to having a million followers on Twitter.

“Even before the thought of an influencer campaign comes to mind, we always counsel that you need to start with a goal, and is that goal realistic, and what are the business reasons for that goal?” explains Pomponi. “And it always has to start with a really great story to tell.”

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  • Itamar Benedy, VP of Marketing,
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