LinkedIn has made the 4,500-plus courses on more widely available. The company announced today that it has launched an app for the Apple TV, thereby making learning more accessible on the small screen no matter which set-top box you have.

The debut of this app comes more than four months after launched a channel on Roku, which made the service’s courses available on supported devices. It also requires that you have a $25 monthly active membership with the educational course provider. To view courses on your Apple TV, first download the app from the app store. Launch it to get a six-digit code that you’ll need to enter on your desktop or mobile device at A new channel will then be added to the Apple TV home screen, which you can access to browse for courses.

LinkedIn acquired in 2015 for $1.5 billion and has been enhancing the video tutorials and making them more available. In addition to Apple TV and Roku devices, you can access the courses through Google’s Chromecast.

While the full catalog of courses are available, there’s no word whether you’ll be able to parse through them within Learning Paths or will have to search through individual courses.

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