Some artists take to canvas while others use paper or a video screen, but now some creative folks are using a wall of keyboards to tell stories.

Logitech built a wall made out of 160 keyboards to help promote its brand at the Penny Arcade Expo this past weekend. The wall used the PC peripheral manufacturer’s Orion Spectrum LED tech to force the array of keyboards to display a retro graphics-style animation. In typical use, Orion is a way for gamers to set up custom lighting profiles that adapt to different situations and games, but now Logitech is showing that it is powerful enough to turn the keyboards into a quasi television.

This is part of Logitech’s battle for the gaming space. PC players spend a lot of cash on top-of-the-line devices, and the company wants as much of that business as possible. That is why the Logitech has its G line of products to attract gamers away from competitors like Razer, Corsair, and others.

Also, gamers just like shiny lights, and you can see them for yourself in the clip below:

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