Amit Singh, the person Google hired away from Oracle in 2010 to head up its enterprise business, has taken on a new position inside Google’s recently formed virtual reality unit. He announced the move in a tweet today.

For years Singh was the face of the effort to get big companies paying for Google services, including Google Apps, Google Cloud Platform, and Chromebooks for business and education. Singh was at the helm when Google Enterprise was renamed Google for Work in 2014. But since enterprise veteran Diane Greene arrived and took charge of all of cloud at Google in November, Singh’s activities have not been very public.

His new role as vice president of business and operations for Google VR is fascinating because Singh, once vice president of sales at Oracle, is enterprise through and through, and while Google’s virtual reality technology has been deployed to schools, has been the subject of multiple partnerships, and has formed the basis of a $16,000 camera rig from GoPro, the initiative has largely been consumer-focused.

The move suggests that VR at Google could be packaged up into products and services that are more relevant to businesses — or at least more revenue-generating.

Now Google will have to find a replacement for Singh on the cloud side — where Microsoft remains a competitor with Windows, Office 365, and Azure, vs. Google’s Chrome OS, Google Apps, and Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services remains the public cloud to beat.