Apple today rolled out a key update to iOS 9.3.

Version 9.3.2 solves one niggling problem with iOS 9’s Low Power Mode for extending the lasting power of the last 20 percent of an iOS device. In that mode, the Night Shift feature introduced in iOS 9.3 — for lowering the color temperature of the display at certain hours to make it easier to fall asleep — is disabled. But with today’s update, you can use Night Shift even when you use Low Power Mode.

This is the second update to iOS 9.3 that Apple has released. The first one fixed the hyperlink bug affecting many iOS users.

Today’s update also fixes a bug that caused audio quality issues for some devices that connect to the iPhone SE via Bluetooth. You should be able to look up dictionary definitions without any issue now, too. And for those using the VoiceOver screen reader, the system will no longer switch from the Alex voice to a different voice to communicate the appearance of spaces oR punctuation marks.

Apple sold 231.5 million smartphones in 2015, according to IDC, and more than 75 percent of iPhones are now running iOS 9.

Also today, Apple released OS X El Capitan version 10.11.5, which comes with security and compatibility improvements, and iTunes version 12.4, which includes a simpler design.