New Company Launches SaaS Offering Using Advanced Event-Driven Data-Matching Technology that Guarantees +90% Data Accuracy


With the charter and focus to address the age-old problem of poor sales data quality, a new marketing technology solutions vendor, Acquiro, announced today the launch of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite of products under the LeadFUSION brand. Because poor data quality can impede a company’s ability to effectively process sales leads and greatly inhibit revenue growth, IDC predicts that CMOs will drive as much as $32.3B in marketing technology spending by 2018, a 12.4% CAGR.

Fact is, leads with poor data quality are mostly neglected and eventually discarded – these lost leads represent a significant missed opportunity and potential revenue. Furthermore, even after the portion of leads with good data quality make their way into a company’s marketing automation and CRM systems, a significant number of these contact data records are soon no longer valid due to issues like people changing jobs or companies being acquired. According to SiriusDecisions this contact data degrades at a rate of 3% per month, while others like Biznology estimate B2B data decays at a rate of more than 5% per month or over 70% per year. Meanwhile, the evidence is clear: according to a data quality report published by the Data Warehousing Institute, poor data quality costs U.S. businesses $611 billion each year.

Acquiro – part of the Selling Simplified Group – was formed with the mission of addressing these data quality issues, and bring to market a suite of SaaS solutions engineered to dramatically increase a company’s revenue. Acquiro’s LeadFUSION Suite includes:

  • LeadMATCH evaluates, validates and enriches leads that are typically generated in marketing automation systems and web registration forms, and then uploads these into the company’s CRM system, mostly within a few seconds and no later than a few hours after the leads have been entered. The allows sales to follow-up on actionable, high quality leads containing all the necessary data (e.g, person’s title and business email, company size and revenue information, industry sector, etc.) while leads are still warm.
  • LeadCARE complements LeadMATCH by keeping company and contact data records up to date, automatically and continuously. LeadCARE routinely inspects and validates these records, updating them accordingly with the most current contact information – all with a guaranteed average data accuracy rate of +90%.
  • LeadMANAGER is a demand vendor management solution that manages, automatically, the entire value chain for demand generation campaigns. It provides a 360-degree view of the lead generation cycle while managing the efforts of dozens of lead generation vendors.

“Demand generation is a high priority for our marketing team. Data quality is crucial to our campaigns and the follow up by our sales,” said Thomas Been, Chief Marketing Officer, TIBCO. “Early results from the production implementation of LeadMATCH indicate that validated and enriched leads are exceeding the planned service-levels target. These additional high-quality leads will undoubtedly contribute net-new sales opportunities that will result in generating significant incremental revenue.”

The marketing technology sector is crowded with a myriad of data cleansing tools and services, however, these offerings only help to filter out records with poor data quality based on a predefined set of criteria. None of these tools have been technically engineered to systematically correct contact data records by validating, augmenting and enriching the data – and then continuously refreshing and enhancing these records, automatically, to ensure the contact data that resides in marketing automation and CRM systems is always current.

Acquiro’s unique approach uses an advanced event-driven, data-matching technology that enables forensic reconstruction of bad contact records. Starting with as little as 3 initial data points, LeadFUSION transforms incomplete registration and first-contact lead data into a highly enriched contact record consisting of up to 25 data fields. Because LeadFUSION products are SaaS, there is no software to install, no set-up fee or static databases required, and no extensive training needed. And with subscription pricing, clients only pay for the volume of actionable leads processed by the LeadFUSION Suite.

“The challenge of effectively addressing the sales data quality problem has mostly gone unmet by other data cleansing tool vendors, and the problem continues to be pervasive amongst sales teams who rely on marketing to provide them with a volume of high quality leads they can use to generate new business,” says Michael Whife, CEO, Acquiro. “Until now, no other vendor possessed the advanced technologies required to solve the problem once and for all. At Acquiro we believe we finally cracked the nut, and the evidence will increasingly prove that LeadFUSION can dramatically increase our clients’ revenue streams.”

Because TIBCO Software is an early adopter of LeadMATCH, Acquiro has chosen to officially launch its LeadFUSION Suite at the TIBCO NOW® conference in Las Vegas this week. Acquiro’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Elder, will be presenting at the event in a breakout session entitled, “An Innovative Approach to Tackle Data Quality Problems in a Big Data World.”

About Acquiro

Launched in May of 2016, Acquiro is part of the Selling Simplified Group (SSG) founded in 2012, an organization of sales and marketing technologists who are dedicated to helping companies fill sales funnels and grow revenue – fast! Our mission is to simplify selling so sales teams can focus on closing and growing revenue by keeping pipelines full of high quality, nurtured, sales-ready leads. In keeping with this mission, Acquiro was formed to focus on the development of cutting-edge technologies to bring to market advanced SaaS solutions engineered to improve sales data quality that can dramatically increase clients’ revenue streams. With headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Acquiro is a global organization with regional offices in California, London, and Pune, India.

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