Building your digital, blocky worlds is about to get more expensive for much of the world.

Minecraft developer Mojang revealed today that the price for the PC version of its block-building game will be going up in many markets on May 23. Mojang said that it’s making these increases so that it can align with U.S. dollar. You can see all of the price changes in the graphic below.

Minecraft pricing.

Above: Minecraft pricing.

Image Credit: Mojang

Japan and Korea did not have previous prices because the PC version of Minecraft will be new in those regions once the changes happen.

“If you haven’t bought Minecraft yet, it might be worth purchasing in the next week if your pocket money allowance isn’t aligned with the United States Dollar,” Mojang noted on the announcement. “You could end up saving yourself a pretty penny.”

Yeah, that would probably a good idea if you’re one of those people who likes to pay less for things.