The beta test is over, but you can still get a new dose of Overwatch today.

Blizzard has released a new animated short for its team-based shooter that’s coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24. It showcases the cyborg ninja Genji and the bow-wielding Hanzo, Overwatch’s two Japanese heroes. You can watch it below. These shorts to more than just show players more about the backstory — they also help the publisher create more buzz leading up to launch.

This is the third short Blizzard has released for Overwatch. The first featured intelligent gorilla Winston fighting the ghost-like Reaper, while the second showed the teleporting Tracer battling the sniper Widowmaker. The actual game features few story elements, but these shorts give players a look at its futuristic world and the characters who inhabit it. Blizzard told us that more shorts are coming, although we don’t know how many and when.

Overwatch ended an open beta earlier this month that attracted almost 10 million players. It’s the first new intellectual property from Blizzard in decades, and the buzz surrounding its release could indicate that the Warcraft and Diablo developer has another hit on its hands.