Peeing is boring.

OK, maybe that thought hasn’t occurred to you. Still, in our hyper-stimulated world, perhaps the universe asks too much when it wants us to put down our smartphones long enough to aim a stream of liquid in a porcelain bowl. But, hey, what you can you do? Mother nature calls and all that. Well, once again, technology is here to give mother nature the middle finger. It could also give marketers a new way to reach people during one of the few moments people usually expect privacy.

Gentleman, I give to you the PissPad. This urinal tool can detect the location of liquid … streams, and it can then use that positional data to move objects around on device like a tablet or smartphone. Or, as its slogan proudly states, “turning pee streams into bit streams.” Basically, you can now use you pee to play digital soccer. You could even play with the person peeing next to you, because who isn’t looking for more opportunities to socialize with the stranger in the adjacent urinal?

The PissPad is on Kickstarter, hoping to crowdfund a goal of $39,580.

“PissPad is a patent-pending Human Interface Device that controls a computer connected via BlueTooth,” the Kickstarter page describes. “It is capable of detecting 1,000 measuring points, so that relieving oneself on the device sends coordinates to a smartphone or a wall mounted tablet. This turns the call of nature into fun and interactive competition on connected devices as long as the ‘ammunition’ holds out!”

Marketers might love this thing. It could force people to look at a screen (that could use a game to promote anything from a movie to a deodorant brand) when a person has nothing else to focus on but, you know, peeing.

So, hurry up and back this thing. You want to get in on it before all of those PissPad shirts are gone.