Golfing outside is lame.

If you want to take the classic sport to the next level, you’re going to need something more risky. Thankfully, developer Three Fields Entertainment, which comprises some of the creators of the Burnout series, has given us Dangerous Golf.

Three Fields is streaming Dangerous Golf right now on YouTube and Twitch in preparation of its June 3 release on console and PC. This is a game where you must whack a golf ball inside nice, expensive-looking rooms, knife-filled kitchens, and explosion-prone gas stations with the goal of causing as much damage as possible. I’m guessing this is how the super-rich always golf, and we’re just now finding out about it thanks to this game.

Go ahead and click play below to watch the game in action, and then stick around to GamesBeat later this week for our thoughts on the game as we give it a go:


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