It’s time to get up in the guts of one of the candidates for President of the United States.

Developer Bossa Studios has launched a new update for its Surgeon Simulator game in a $3 Anniversary Expansion that has players operating on presumptive Republican Party nominee (and three time runner-up in the comb-over world championships) Donald Trump. The downloadable add-on is available now on Steam, and you can get it bundled with the base game in the Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition for $13. Bossa is trying to keep its game relevant and entertaining to watch since Surgeon Simulator has already found a lot of success by catering to a crowd that wants to livestream funny and strange experiences to their personal YouTube and Twitch channels. Adding The Donald, who is the GOP’s next great hope, could get a few more people to boot up the game during their video broadcasts.

Surgeon Simulator is a game where players control a pair of hands that must perform organ transplants and other delicate medical procedures. The problem is that you have a little too much control over the limbs, and they are difficult to maneuver in an accurate way. This can lead to issues when you go in to slice open a patient with a scalpel and accidentally cut up all their vital tissues and organs in the process.

We’ll check out the game to see what procedures Trump requires — although I’m betting he is requesting hand-enhancement surgery.

Now, the goal of Surgeon Simulator is to save the patient, and I would suggest you try to play along — especially if you’re broadcasting your game to Twitch. Don’t make me write a story about how the Secret Service came to your house because you were laughing while letting former reality-television star and depressing reflection of society Donald Trump perish.

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