Electronic Arts showed off its huge ambitions for Battlefield 1, the next installment in the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 1 is part of the multibillion dollar Battlefield military shooter franchise that debuted back in 2002. It is now a staple within EA’s games, and it is one of the top three franchises alongside Madden NFL Football and FIFA soccer. This new Battlefield debuts for consoles and PC on October 21.

EA showed the demo off at its EA Play press event in Los Angeles today ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the big game trade show this week. Patrick Soderlund, head of studios at EA, talked about how he was involved in every Battlefield game over the past decade and more at EA’s DICE studio in Stockholm.

“A few years ago, two guys in our studio, kept telling me they had the concept for the next Battlefield,” Soderlund said. “They kept pushing and kept coming back. Then they brought me a unique pitch. Right then and there, we knew we had to make this game.”

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After the press event, EA will stream its first 64-player Battlefield 1 multiplayer match. Fans will be rotating through that demo all week.

Patrick Bach, general manager of EA DICE, showed off the first in-depth look at gameplay. Actors Jamie Fox and Zac Efron will be among those playing the game this week. “No battle is ever the same,” Bach said.

He said it would have a whole new level of destruction thanks to the Frostbite game engine. The game will have dynamic weather and some huge vehicles known as Behemoths. It also introduces a new way to play multiplayer. In Battlefield 1, you will play a series of interconnected battles across multiple fronts. You can play a sequence of battles where your actions have consequences beyond a single match, as you try to conquer territory or push back your attackers.

You’ll have new vehicles, like zeppelins and biplanes. You can take control of a zeppelin and use it in a match. The open beta will be later this summer. To get early access, players can sign up to become a Battlefield Insider here.

“With Battlefield 1 we’re looking to deliver the most dynamic shooter ever. We want to make sure that no battle is ever the same for the players, and with the introduction of Operations, we’re giving the fans variety for game play and creativity,” said Aleksander Grøndal, a senior producer at DICE, in a statement. “Plus, with the new Behemoths, only in Battlefield 1 can you bring an Air Ship to a dogfight.”

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