Bethesda revealed it is updating Skyrim, unleashing new content for Fallout 4, and making a new Prey, but it hasn’t forgotten about its mobile efforts.

Fallout Shelter is getting a new update on mobile, and it is also coming to PC. The free-to-play game now enables you to send your vault dwellers on quests. These quests enable your characters (and their dogs) to bring back important items that will help your vault grow. The update is coming in July.

While quests are a major addition, the PC version should also help the game find even more players. Its free-to-play nature means that it’s ideal for quick play sessions, but that’s not something people only do on their smartphones. Plenty of people spend hours on their Windows machines — and many of them do so to play Fallout 4 or Skyrim. Now, they can take breaks with Fallout Shelter between doing missions in those full role-playing adventures.

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