Prey returns from the dead.

Bethesda revealed the new game, just called Prey, during its showcase tonight ahead of the high-profile Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, showing that the sci-fi first-person shooter series is alive again after the publisher canceled Prey 2 in 2014. It will be out next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Prey 2 was originally shown at the 2011 event. It excited attendees (including me) for showing an open, sci-fi city with gameplay that focused on bounty-hunting. It had a Blade Runner feel to it. It stood out from the original Prey (released in 2006), which was a more linear, straightforward shooter.

After a period of silence about its development, Kotaku reported in 2013 that Prey 2 was canceled before Bethesda confirmed it in 2014.

The new Prey takes place on a space station that’s been attacked by aliens. It looks entirely different from the Prey 2 that was shown in 2011.

The original Prey also had its own development problems. It was announced more than 10 years before it was released. If nothing else, the sequel is staying true to the series.

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