Digital card games are usually about competition against other players. The Elder Scrolls, however, is a series known for its stories. It’s card game is going to carry that tradition forward and into a $1.2 billion market.

The company revealed during its Electronic Entertainment Expo event today that its upcoming digital card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, will have a single-player story mode. The campaign will star a priest character. This feature differentiates itself from the current digital card game champion, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which doesn’t come with a story-based mode.

In Hearthstone, you can play single-player Adventures, but they are downloadable content that costs extra money. In terms of gameplay, the two also differ in that Legends’ action takes place across two different lanes.

Bethesda also noted that the card game is coming to iPhone and iPad devices along with PC, Mac, and Android releases. It is also also adding more people into the game’s ongoing beta test.

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