Final Fantasy XV is only a few months away, but Square Enix isn’t done with teasing new gameplay footage.

At Microsoft’s press briefing for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show, the developer demonstrated the Xbox One version of the long-awaited role-playing game for the first time. It showed a new battle between the heroes and a creature known as a Titan. The fight looked similar to the man-vs.-deity action from Sony’s God of War games: The player kept dodging the giant’s enormous hands while also attacking smaller enemies. This fits with how Square Enix wants to get new players into the long-lived series.

The Trial of Titan, as Square Enix called it, ended with a dramatic finish as Noctis and his friends shattered the monster’s arm. Final Fantasy XV is coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30.

You can see the Trial of Titan battle below.


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