Microsoft revealed today during its Electronic Entertainment Expo lead-in event in Los Angeles that its free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct is getting a new, familiar character.

General Raam, the main villain from the original Gears of War, is joining the cast of the Xbox One and PC fighter. He’s preceded by other guest characters from Microsoft brands like Rash from Battletoads and The Arbiter from Halo. Raam will be playable for free this week. New characters usually cost money to unlock.

Microsoft also noted that Killer Instinct has had over 7 million players, making it the most popular fighting games on the Xbox One. Killer Instinct also allows for cross-play between Xbox One and PC players.

Killer Instinct was originally a digital launch title for the Xbox One back in 2013. Microsoft has kept players engaged by introducing new characters. Recognizable fighters like Raam can help bring in new players.

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