Microsoft gave us a new look at ReCore during its Electronic Entertainment Expo lead-in event today in Los Angeles.

ReCore is an action game starring a girl and a robot dog with a removable core that can be placed inside other machines. This includes a spider-like robot that climbs walls and an ape-like one that excels at fighting.

ReCore features the involvement of Keiji Inafune, who was heavily involved in the Mega Man series with Capcom before he left that company in 2010 to start Comcept.

We got our first look at ReCore during Microsoft’s E3 event last year. E3 is one of the biggest annual gaming events, and it usually brings plenty of new game announcements. ReCore is especially important since it is a Microsoft exclusive, scheduled to release on Xbox One and PC.

Inafune’s Comcept has also developed Mighty No. 9, a 2D platformer inspired by Mega Man that releases on June 21.

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