Scalebound made an appearance during Microsoft’s lead-in event for the Electronic Entertainment Expo today in Los Angeles, and it’s looking like on of the most exciting exclusives coming to Microsoft’s platforms.

Scalebound is an action game from Platinum, a studio known for flashy, fast-paced brawlers like Bayonetta 2 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This Xbox One exclusive allows players to fight alongside (or on top of) a giant dragon. We first saw it during E3 2014, and it is currently set for release in 2017 for Xbox One and PC.

Director Hideki Kamiya showed off a demo during the show, which featured the biggest boss fight ever in a Platinum Game’s title. It also gave us a look at multiplayer cooperative gameplay. Four players, each with their own dragon, took on the boss at the same time.

E3 is one of the biggest game events of the year, and the major companies like Microsoft use it as a way to show off future titles. Scalebound is especially important for Microsoft since it is an exclusive, meaning it won’t release on the rival PlayStation 4.

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