Zombies are still big for Microsoft.

State of Decay 2 is a new Xbox One survival game that will have players taking on the undead. Microsoft rolled out a new trailer for during its Electronic Entertainment Expo lead-in event today that shows off the game’s setting an atmosphere.

The trailer shows a group of survivors driving around a desolate town and occasionally running over a few walking corpses before cutting to a different crew struggling to survive. The clip ends with the second crew firing a flare into the sky in a cry for help, and this cuts back to the original team who sees it and decided to go help. This likely suggest State of Decay 2 will have some sort of connected multiplayer, but we don’t know if this means its an always-online persistent environment or something where you can summon strangers into a primarily single-player world.

Earlier in the show, Microsoft showed off Dead Rising 4, another zombie game (albeit a far more sillier one).

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