Ubisoft and Sony revealed during the French publisher’s Electronic Entertainment Expo today in Los Angeles that the Watch Dogs open-world hacking-game series will become a movie.

Ubisoft has another franchise, Assassin’s Creed, that’s getting a film later this year. We don’t know if the Watch Dogs movie will follow the plot of the first or second game, or if (like the Assassin’s Creed film) it’s a story based on the franchise but not directly taken from any game.

The announcement came after a lengthy demo for Watch Dogs 2.

Movies based on video games typically have a bad reputation when it comes to quality and making money. However, this year’s Angry Birds and Warcraft films have been able to make an impact at the box office, especially in international markets. Previously, Ubisoft previously saw one of its other franchises, The Prince of Persia, become a bomb when Disney turned it into a movie.

Ubisoft seems intent on branching its properties out into film and other media. The Rabbids have a TV show, Warner Bros. is making a Ghost Recon movie, Tom Hardy is set to star in a Splinter Cell film, and the recent multiplayer hit The Division is also going to Hollywood.

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