Personalization is on every marketer’s lips but there’s often significant distance between intent and execution. Learn from one of the giants — former VP of Marketing for — on how to bridge the gap that will make both your customers and bottom line happy.

Personalization has hit big time. According to real-time personalization platform Evergage, 85 percent of marketers are using personalization. Why the burst in popularity? Marketers using personalization in their marketing campaigns increased conversion rates by 65 percent, increased visitor engagement by 62 percent, and improved customer experiences by 61 percent. 89 percent of marketers also reported an overall lift from personalization efforts — a 3 percent increase from 2015 — with 53 percent seeing lifts greater than 10 percent.

But even though personalization is delivering big time for marketers, marketers aren’t exactly taking full advantage of it. Evergage noted most companies’ initiatives barely make the grade with 55 percent of marketers and 63 percent of their competitors’ giving their campaigns a grade of “C” or lower. Yikes. Digging deeper into the issue, Econsultancy stated that despite personalization being seen as fundamental to an online strategy for the majority, only 5 percent of companies are personalizing “extensively.”

It’s obvious personalization is important; both marketers and companies agree. What’s troubling is that both parties are struggling in conducting personalization campaigns to their fullest for their consumers, and by only getting the job half-done they’re leaving serious money on the table. And while consumers are looking for personal 1:1 interactions with brands on the channels they are using, marketers are struggle to do this with the legacy technologies not built for this purpose.

Marketers need help conquering personalization for their business and that’s exactly what this VB Live event will give. Brian Monahan, former VP of Marketing for power retailer, will share the solutions needed to overcome real-world personalization problems, such as truly understanding your customers in real-time and increasing customer engagement with strong user experiences.

Personalization is too important of a skill to ignore. Learn how to unleash personalization campaigns to their fullest and receive the best consumer interaction and revenue possible.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand every customer on an individual basis in real-time
  • Build user graphs that account for the persistent and transient behaviors of consumers
  • Create rich, aesthetic user-experiences that engage
  • Deliver timely, consistent messages across multiple channels


  • Brian Monahan, former VP Marketing
  • Vijay Chittoor, CEO founder, Blueshift
  • Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

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