Pac-Man’s most notable mobile outing is making its way into your living room.

Publisher Bandai Namco launched Pac-Man 256 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam today for $5. The Hipster Whale-developed game’s conceit on the infamous glitch that occurs in the original Pac-Man when you reach map 256. This version of the endless maze runner adds a new four-player mode, something that’s not available in the mobile games.

It reached 5 million downloads in its first week after its August 19 debut on iOS and Android, and according to the analyst firm App Annie, it’s the in the top 70 for arcade games on iPhone and iPads.

Pac-Man 256 has power-ups as well, which you can upgrade as you make progress. The mobile version has a time-gating monetization mechanic, where you get a certain number of play credits before needing to watch either an ad or play later — or buy unlimited credits for $8. GamesBeat asked Bandai Namco how it’s handling this in the console and PC version and are waiting for a response.