It’s summer, which can only mean one thing. No, you shouldn’t put your headset down and get outside; you should take a look at the typically mad Steam Summer Sale and spend even more time inside your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It’s VR’s first full-scale sale, and there’s a lot of content to get through.

Here are the top picks for both Rift and Vive owners, along with every VR game that’s on sale until July 4 (games on general sale are included, too).

Unsurprisingly, Vive has a much wider array of games available here, but a handful of games appearing on both platforms are worth checking out.

Top picks for HTC Vive

I did this nonstop, and it was wonderful.

Above: I did this nonstop, and it was wonderful.

Image Credit: Stress Level Zero

Vanishing Realms: $16 (20% off)

Often pitched as “The Elder Scrolls meets VR,” Vanishing Realms is well worth a look even if it remains in Steam’s Early Access right now. Exciting sword combat awaits as you cut down skeletons and more.

Hover Junkers: $24.50 (30% off)

Stress Level Zero’s multiplayer shooter is arguably the flagship online experience for Vive right now. You juggle trading gunfire with friends and driving your massive makeshift hovercraft around giant maps. What’s not to love?

The Gallery: Episode 1 — Call of the Starseed: $23.99 (20% off)

One of the few gripes we had with the first episode of Cloudhead Games’ The Gallery series was that it was so short. It comes at better value in the Steam sale, though, so don’t miss out on this fascinating adventure.

Top Picks for Oculus Rift

Elite Dangerous

Above: Elite Dangerous

Image Credit: Frontier Developments

Elite Dangerous: $20 (33% off)

Elite’s remains one VR’s biggest game years after it first implemented support for Oculus development kits. You can explore a massive galaxy and engage in tense dogfights. If you want more then the new season of expansions, Elite Dangerous: Horzions, provides it.

Project Cars: $15 (50% off)

Stiff competition is on the way, but for, now Project Cars remains the best driving simulation with VR compatibility. It has a huge number of cars, modes, and tracks, keeping you busy while we wait for the upcoming sequel.

Titans of Space 2.0: $6.79 (15% off)

Long-time VR fans will have fond memories of the original Titans of Space, and we implore everyone to pick up its sequel at this great price. It’s another Early Access game, but offers an incredible tour of the Solar System that you can’t miss.

Every VR game in the Steam Summer sale

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