LinkedIn is making its display ads more available to advertisers. The Microsoft-owned professional social network announced today that it has launched programmatic buying to let brands make real-time bids on display ads within their own demand-side platforms (DSPs) or third-party ad networks that are used to manage ads for other media properties.

Advertisers can purchase LinkedIn display ad inventory through an open marketplace or in a private one that will exclusively target specific segments of the social network’s 433 million members.

Supporting a “majority” of DSPs, and even agency trading desks (ATDs), LinkedIn is increasing access to its display ad offering so that brands no longer need to fill out extensive paperwork and insertion orders just to advertise on the site — now all they need to do is enter some simple information and creative.

“We put a lot of effort into simplifying products, how customers work with LinkedIn, and making it easier for people to buy from [us],” Russ Glass, LinkedIn’s head of product for its marketing solutions team, told VentureBeat. “We’re embracing the best of the industry.”

Display ads currently make up 10 percent of LinkedIn’s revenue — compared to sponsored content, which accounts for more than 50 percent — so there’s plenty of opportunity. However, Glass doesn’t believe in calling this a revenue play. Instead, he believes it’s more about serving customers as they want to be served while also deploying in a manner that’s cheaper and more efficient to manage.