Sharpen up your pocket swords, because it’s time to strike down countless waves of random enemies on the go.

Project Dynasty Warriors is a new free-to-play mobile game that brings the enormous battles and melee combat of the console Dynasty Warriors games to iOS and Android for the first time in “late 2016.” Fast-growing mobile publisher Nexon Korea is producing the app, and it is working with Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo and developer XPEC Entertainment. Unlike some other console-to-mobile adaptations, Nexon isn’t using the Dynasty Warriors setting for a clone of Clash of Clans or some other popular mobile app. Instead, the company is aiming to give the $36.9 billion iOS and Android gaming market a smartphone-sized version of the same experience you would get on PlayStation 4.

For Nexon, this adds another big-name release to its roster, which already includes online role-playing game MapleStory 2, developer Cliff Bleszinski’s new LawBreakers shooter, and the mobile strategy game DomiNations.

Project Dynasty Warriors, which is a working title, should look familiar to fans. It takes assets from 2013’s Dynasty Warriors 8 and shapes them into something better suited for the mobile audience. One example of this is a new focus on collecting unique characters and items. Other than that, however, it looks a lot like the franchise that many gamers have enjoyed since the 1997 original on PlayStation.

“Dynasty Warriors is a beloved and fan-favorite franchise that has endured for nearly two decades and gives Nexon Korea another triple-A title for audiences around the world to enjoy,” Nexon Korea chief executive officer Jiwon Park said in a canned statement. “Fully enhanced for mobile while retaining the feel of the console versions, Project Dynasty Warriors will immerse hardcore gamers and deliver everything that made the Dynasty Warriors series a beloved global masterpiece.”