Gamigo keeps growing.

The European gaming company announce today that it has acquired 100 percent of Highdigit GmbH, which “offers games publishers and developers modular all-in-one solutions for the operation and marketing of their products.” This includes payment services and analysis tools. Gamigo works on free-to-play games for mobile and PC, including Fiesta Online, Last Chaos, and Dragon’s Prophet. According to the company, it has 100 million registered users accounts in North American and Europe. Gamigo did not disclose the terms of the deal.

“The technical solution of the Highdigit backend is a good supplement to the technical platform of the Gamigo Group, more particularly in the field of software-as-a-service solutions,” Gamigo noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat.

Highdigit GmbH is based in Berlin, where Gamigo also has an office. Gamigo is also located in Hamburg, Münster, Darmstadt, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seoul.

Gamigo recently merged with Aeria Games earlier this year, a company that specializes in licensing games from outside like markets like Asia.

“With the takeover of Highdigit GmbH as well as the merger with Aeria Games, Gamigo is consistently pressing ahead with the extension of its platform strategy,” Gamigo noted. “Substantial synergies will be leveraged during the coming 12 months. As a result of the merger, the Gamigo Group has become the leading games corporation in Europe and North America in the field of free-to-play browser, download, client and mobile games.”