We’re giving away some codes that Star Trek fans should covet.

Star Trek: Online’s newest expansion, Agents of Yesterday, launches today for PC. Although the game is free-to-play, it has in-game purchases that can give you goodies like ships and costumes. A pack made just for Agents of Tomorrow, the Temporal Agent Starter Pack, collects a bunch of special in-game items, including the original U.S.S. Enterprise. STO publisher Perfect World has given us 50 codes for the pack to give away to our readers.

This content usually costs $20. Specifically, it includes.

Tier 1 U.S.S. Enterprise

A legendary 23rd century Starfleet vessel, the Constitution-class Cruiser regularly went where no one had gone before. A durable, versatile ship, it handled a variety of missions, including exploration, first contact, research, and system defense.

Tier 6 Temporal Battlecruiser Paladin Class

Drawing inspiration from the 23rd century Ranger-class, the Paladin-class Battlecruiser is very tactically focused. It features a potent weapons platform, and a number of sophisticated maneuver systems make the Paladin a remarkably agile vessel for its class.

TOS Torn Uniforms

The classic The Original Series uniforms worn and torn from battle. This costume unlocks for all TOS and Federation characters on an account.

0718 Bridge Officer

Hailing from the Federation of the “Kelvin Timeline,” 0718 serves as an officer in Science Branch aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. A cyborg with a specialty in computer systems, 0718 was a member of the Enterprise crew as she began her five-year mission

Title: Temporal Agent

This title is exclusive to purchasers of the Temporal Agent Pack or Temporal Agent Starter Pack. It unlocks for all TOS and Federation characters on an account.

Temporal Battlecruiser Paladin Class.

Above: Temporal Battlecruiser Paladin Class.

Image Credit: Perfect World

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