Gotta listen to ’em all.

Spotify noted today that the frenzy surrounding the mobile game Pokémon Go has created a huge increase in the popularity of Pokémon songs on the music-streaming platform. Spotify took the data from worldwide streams from July 3 to July 10. Pokémon Go launched in the U.S. Wednesday evening, July 6. Overall streams of Pokémon songs have tripled, with the Pokémon theme “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” leading the pack with a 362 percent increase.

This proves that the success of Pokémon Go doesn’t just mean profits from a single app. It will raise the popularity of the Pokémon brand even higher, something that must please Nintendo as it plans to release the Sun and Moon versions of the series for the 3DS on November 18.

Spotify provided a list of the five most popular Pokémon songs on the platform:

  1. Pokémon Theme
  2. Pokérap
  3. Pokémon Johto
  4. Go Pokémon Go
  5. I Want To Be A Hero

Spotify also noted have created 197,000 Pokémon-themed playlists.

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