To best way to catch creatures in the Pokémon Go for Apple and Android smartphones is to get out into the world and start walking or riding a bike. Except it’s 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) today, and I don’t like sweating.

That’s where Dronémon Go comes in.

A handful of engineers at the Spark Aerial company in San Diego modified one of their radio-controlled quadcopters to play Pokémon Go. The app is a location-based game that uses the GPS in your device to place digital critters around the physical world. This requires you to get out of the house to capture most of the pocket monsters. But after setting up a way to clone a smartphone to another device, the Spark Aerial team strapped the device to a drone and sent it on a Pokémon-hunting mission for them. Using the remote, the Spark Aerial squad sat around on the roof of their building with their feet up while their drone went out and captured the pocket monsters for them.

“We definitely cheated,” Spark Aerial chief executive officer and cofounder Radley Angelo wrote on Facebook.

Check the Dronémon Go project in action in the video below: