“And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the pain” — looks like in Overwatch, it’s going to be Ana (to, ahem, borrow a lyric from Creedence Clearwater Revival).

Blizzard Entertainment announced its first new character to its critically acclaimed team shooter, Ana. This is the first addition to the roster since Overwatch launched in May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. She’s a sniper that can also heal allies with her rifle. She can also incapacitate enemies with a sleep dart, while her Ultimate ability gives teammates a boost to damage and speed. New characters will keep Overwatch’s large player base engaged, and the fact that she’ll be free ensures that all Overwatch owners will have access to Ana. You can see her in action below.

You can play as Ana right now on the public test version of Overwatch, which is only available on PC. We don’t know when she’ll be available in the actual game.

Ana is actually the mother of Pharah, a current member of Overwatch’s roster. You can learn more about Ana in the story below.