Y’all aren’t just catching Pokémon — some of you are watching them in their private moments as well.

The adult entertainment site Pornhub has seen (link is mostly SFW) a 136 percent increase in searches for “Pokémon”since the launch of the Pokémon Go game last week. It is already a phenomenon as it’s the fastest app ever to reach No. 1 on the revenue charts on both iOS and Android. This has led to Nintendo’s stock price soaring in value on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as people engage with the Pokémon Go’s GPS-powered location-based gameplay that puts the virtual monsters into the real world using Google Maps data. But as with most things in life (like Overwatch and Minecraft), this kind of popularity has started to intermingle with sexuality and, well, you’ll have to check Pornhub for the not-suitable-for-work results.

Pokémon Go made me hot from all the walking I did in the summer heat. Apparently, it's making others hot for different reasons.

Above: Pokémon Go made me hot from all the walking I did in the summer heat. Apparently, it’s making others hot for different reasons.

Image Credit: Pornhub

If you’re wondering who in the hell would want to watch Lucario using Bullet Seed while Onix uses Harden, Pornhub has that data as well.

Men are 62 percent more likely to search for Pokémon-related XXX videos than women. And Android users are 51 percent more likely. And, naturally, youthful hormones mean that folks ages 18-to-24 are 336 percent more likely to look for what’s happening underground with Dugtrio than any other age group.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re searching for such porn. Pornhub gets its data from Google Analytics, which doesn’t share your personal identity.

Finally, Pornhub revealed the countries with the most searches for the filthiest Pokémon lovers. Proportionally, South Americans are by far the horniest for a Ponyta’s Horn Drill attack. Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, and El Salvador make up the top 5. And every single country in the top 15 are in Latin America. Turns out that the famous Latino passion doesn’t stop with human beings.

South America really loves Pokémon.

Above: South America really loves Pokémon.

Image Credit: Pornhub