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Unless you have been living under a self-imposed media blackout for the past week, you no doubt know that something called Pokémon Go has caused our nation to lose its collective mind.

The augmented reality sensation is everywhere, and that, in turn, has spawned a billion or so news stories about its every twist and turn. Clearly, people are super duper excited.

But if you are not into this, then it’s quite likely you are wishing there was a way to crawl under a rock for a month or so and just wait for it to all pass. Here’s a better solution: Developer Jamie Farrelly has released PokeGone. It’s a Chrome browser extension that blocks most (but not all) Pokémon-related content.

As the description says: “Sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon? PokeGone will take care of that! This extension will stop your eyes from seeing grown adults raving on about Pokemon. Remove all traces of Pokemon from the internet with one simple extension!”

I have installed it. And while it’s not 100 percent effective, it does significantly reduce the Pokémon clutter.

If nothing else, it’s good to know that you’re not alone when it comes to thinking that perhaps folks have gone a wee bit overboard with this thing.