Chatbots are in their infant stage.

It’s clear that the first incarnations using the Facebook development tools are more of a proof-of-concept. But, as we witnessed at Mobile Beat 2016 this past week, there have already been some serious improvements. Bots will become more conversational, they’ll help you discover features in the apps you use, and they might even become your own personal avatar.

And, taking a page from Eric Ries’ playbook about making incremental improvements to software, chatbots can only get better. As the developers behind Poncho the weather cat learned, you can continue to add features, improve the A.I., and appease your users.

As the founder at Poncho, Kuan Huang has made sure the weatherbot keeps growing. Huang’s revealing post on Medium is a guidebook for other chatbots developers to follow.

Check out the post here and, if you’re a developer, be sure to leave a comment about how you are improving your own chatbot.