This year has been fondly dubbed the year of the bot by tech leaders, investors, and journalists. However, while many have been following the bot revolution, the first truly viral augmented reality (AR) game, Pokémon Go, has just usurped that whole trend in the public eye. The combination of nostalgia and cool tech has created a perfect storm for an underdeveloped platform to get serious attention.

So what does this mean? Has the 2016 tech trend been hit with an AR curveball? Are bots so last month?

Not quite.

Now that AR has been adopted by the masses and the world is still buzzing about bots, a real opportunity exists to combine AR and bots to transform businesses and enhance experiences in unique ways.

Using AR and bots to break the ice

Have you ever been stuck in a room full of people and want to know how to break the ice? With the help of AR and a bot, your LinkedIn app could become your real-time networking assistant.

With the updated app, you would scan the crowd and then ask your bot questions. Who in the room are Harvard alumni? Who in the room works for ACME Industries? The bot would pull data from public LinkedIn profiles and share matches on an AR heads-up display. As you work the room, your trusty bot could suggest conversation starters based on information available on social networks and news sites.

Bots for a better workplace

Next, take onboarding a new hire — let’s say a field worker in your business. Rather than referring to lengthy manuals, you hand them an app. Your new hire can now become familiar with equipment simply by holding up their screen. They’d hold the phone up to a piece of equipment and see a schematic diagram using AR. A bot would guide them through servicing and safety requirements and be available to answer questions.

As a result, the onboarding process would become seamless, eliminating redundant communication and giving employees autonomy to get the information they need quickly. The outcome would also likely be positive on your bottom line.

Getting immersed in the big game

Finally, bots combined with AR have the potential to enhance spectator sports, particularly since many require a bit of insider knowledge to understand the nuances.

To make the most of a baseball game, you could hold up your phone to see stats on the batter and pitcher displayed on your screen. A bot would be available to not only explain what the stats mean but also explain a play that just occurred or explain a ruling that was made.

On top of this, you could ask a bot about upcoming games, have a bot purchase tickets to the next game, or even order popcorn from the vendor all without leaving your AR experience.

So while Millennials are busy trying to “catch ’em all,” the most savvy business leaders have the chance to get ahead of this growing wave. Bots and AR could be a game changer. Becoming the Pokémon Go of the business world is still possible.