The makers of the wildly popular Dots and Two Dots mobile games have created a new puzzle game called Dots & Co.

The New York-based company Dots worked on the title for a while, carefully crafting the third game in a series that has been downloaded more than 100 million times to date. Dots & Co. introduces an enhanced visual palette and new companions with a variety of powers that add to the original gameplay of the previous games.

The new title is available today on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

“Dots & Co. is a beautiful, thoughtful, and immersive experience we wanted to feel like a little mental oasis from the world’s stresses and distractions while playing,” said Patrick Moberg, the cofounder and chief creative officer at Dots, in a statement. “It elevates our portfolio of games with new worlds, charming in-game companions, and fresh ways to approach challenges.”

Like Two Dots before it, Dots & Co. features specially crafted levels of colorfully matching dots with distinct mechanics that change and combine as players progress. It launches with 155 new stages that move across a bright landscape of beautifully painted environments with colorblind mode support and an original musical score. Additional puzzles will arrive in free updates after release.

“Dots & Co. is designed around the principles of strategy, simplicity, and style,” said Margaret Robertson, the game director for Dots & Co. “It’s both a satisfying challenge for your brain and a restorative treat for your senses.”

The studio’s first game, Dots: A Game About Connecting, has garnered a massive and loyal following since its launch in 2013. In 2014, the studio launched Two Dots, an acclaimed global mega-hit.